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Chuck Budris, HP, MS

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Linac Acceptance & Commissioning

AP will provide a board certified physicist to completely and accurately perform the acceptance and commissioning of both the Linac (including Versa and TrueBeam) and TPS within the manufacturer requirements.  All beam data will be provided to the facility.

Weekly Physics Chart Checks

AP can provide remote weekly physics chart checks for radiation therapy centers.  Each patient chart should have more than one physicist checking each chart during the course of treatment for patient safety.

Linac Annuals

AP will provide a board certified physicist to completely and accurately perform the annual testing of the Linac



RadAlert 50, RadAlert 100 & RadAlert 200 are next generation area monitors that include a built in GM Gamma detector for monitoring Linac rooms and HDR suites or where devices producing radiation may be located.

Nomad, Wall, and Panoramic Dental Surveys

A physicist from AP can provide the initial and annual QC survey for CBCT dental units according to the new NJDEP regulations for CBCT Dental Units. We can also provide the radiation protection survey for regular and CBCT dental units.


BrachyCheck is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows the user to perform a fully independent secondary calculation check of their HDR & LDR treatment plan. BrachyCheck allows the import of DICOM structure sets for this purpose.


RadCheck is a suite of QA tools for external beam radiation therapy. RadCheck allows for independent check dose and monitor units for radiation therapy plans. The TG51 module allows you to quickly navigate the  parameters of TG51 calibration.